A Return to the Golden Age of Gaming

Hang around an older video-game fan long enough and they'll tell you of a time long ago when getting a new game was an event in and of itself. Be it cracking open the shrink-wrap and catching a whiff of that "new game smell," pouring over the details and illustrations in the game manual, or just taking your cartridges over to a friend's house, these experiences are all but lost in an age of digital downloads and corporate cost-cutting measures.

The COLECO Chameleon aims to bring these experiences back to the modern age by creating a platform that treats video games as more than just software and eliminates some of the biggest frustrations with modern day gaming:  

  • Durable, long-lasting physical cartridges.  As long as you have the cartridge, you have the game!
  • High-quality boxes, instruction manuals, and other supplemental materials that make each title a collector's item worthy of a space on your shelf.
  • No lengthy system updates:  just plug in your cartridge and start playing!

classic style controller

Dual analog sticks and a familiar classic style d-pad and action buttons.

Cartridge come back

A modern day spin on the classic video-game system.  

Play classics and new

Play both familiar classics and brand new retro inspired games.


Hardware specifications will be revealed soon.