10 Best Good Old Games (GOG) of all Time

Good Old Games, also referred to as GOG games are the games that are celebrated greatly by the older generation who were the ones to play games when the first Pentium processor was implemented into the computer. Regardless of your current age, you might have played any one of such games which you can think of now as a nostalgia. GOG games are the games that were played by your parents, uncles or older siblings on the PlayStation or some of the games that you've played on your parents business PC while your summer holidays.

10 all Time Best Good Old Games

Though the games lacked graphics and mechanical execution or even the gameplay design which is way too better in modern games, those games gave us something that these modern games can never. The sense of nostalgia and the feelings we had during those old stress-free days and the excitement of experiencing the new concept of gaming are something which the new games cannot hope to achieve now. In today’s time, we have hundreds of trending games out there with a huge number of competition but those were the days when we had no stress to compete against others or the stress of completing a game to try out another one. GOG have gained an integral part in many people’s life. Even nowadays people go and play retro games just to revive their memories and nostalgia.

1 | Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

The action Role-Playing Game (RPG) Moonstone was released in 1991. A whole year later the game was converted into DOS which is now also available with both in-game sound and music which was really really odd during those days.

Moonstone - A Hard Days Knight - Best Good Old Games

When it comes to games mechanics Moonstone is influenced by the DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) tabletop game. The distinctive difference is that Moonstone is an action game while DnD was a turn-based game. The combat of the game is real-time which means that you must execute your plays more precisely with proper timing and efficiency in order to progress in the game. Buy MoonStone from ClassicReload

2 | Age of Empires

When it comes to non-fictional games, the original Age of Empires is OG of OG RTS games. The game was released by the Microsoft Studios in 1997. The actual purpose of the game was to get people into gaming which will also help them master their operating system, windows. The games were beautifully made by putting up a lot of effort.

Age of Empires - Best Good Old Games

The game has a Skirmish Mode where you can play against a bot or a human opponent. Along with this it also had a full-fledged campaign. Every campaign mission would start with a long description and detailed map which shows the place of battle and objectives.

3 | Age of Wonders

Originally released in 1999, Age of Wonders is a turn-based RPG game. Despite the game being not successful, two sequels of the game were produced. The 2nd sequel had multiple expansions and the 3rd one came with a total overhaul of the game mechanics. The game then made its position in the list of most played games being the most recent one. Age of Wonders can be played either as a vengeful Stromlord or a legendary keeper.

Age of Wonders - Best Good Old Games

The game has a truly timeless soundtrack and general visual aesthetics. The game also has several different units and each unit has a description about its story, it's the origin and why it has the abilities it does. Buy Age of Wonders from GOG

4 | Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology is an RTS with almost identical mechanics to Age of Empires with some added integral mythology in the game mechanics. In the Age of Empires, you had to fight the historical battles but in Age of Mythology, you will be fighting against mythical monsters and their followers. Also, you will be having some benevolent one on your side. The game was originally released on the 30th of October 2002. Buy Age of Mythology from SteamPowered

Age of Mythology - Best Good Old Games

5 | Warhammer 40k: Dark Crusade

The original Warhammer40k was an RTS game which was based on Warhammer40k tabletop game. The game was then released in expansions where Warhammer40k: Winter Assault was an expansion of the original Warhammer40k and then one more expansion to this game was Warhammer40k: Dark Crusade. The Warhammer40k: Winter Assault got very positive feedback from the players and was also the reason behind making the game more popular.

Warhammer 40k: Dark Crusade - Best Good Old Games

With such a positive response, the DEVs went ahead to release their new expansion, Warhammer40k: Dark Crusade. In Dark Crusade, they offered skirmish mode and also included almost all races from the tabletop games. The game had one of the best voice acting. The voices are so well-acted that it gives a realistic feeling while playing the game. Buy this game from HumbleBundle

6 | Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia was first published in 1989. The game is an action platformer where you have to play as the Persian prince who is on his way to save the princess. The price has to go through the journey fighting with the dungeons to reach princess room and save her. The game has a timer of sixty minutes, if you are not able to win the game in sixty minutes then the princess dies and you lose the game. The timer is given by the enemy Sultan. Sultan gives 60 minutes time to the princess to decide whether she will marry him or not, if not then she has to die. After 60 minutes, the princess refuses to marry him and gets killed by the Sultan.

Prince of Persia - Best Good Old Games

Though the controls of the game were tad rigid, during those times the game was a masterpiece. The game had mazes to be solved and exploring secret locations to find health potions. Ultimately while playing it, the game was a true adventure to go on. Buy this Game from UbiSoft

7 | Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Inspired by the original 2d Prince of Persia game, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a third-person action platformer. You play as a son of the warring Sultan in the game. The son of the Sultan is attacking an enemy castle. During the battle, the player had to steal an artifact known as “The Dagger of Time”. The Dagger of Time is said to unleash an Armageddon which will turn everyone into “Sand Monster”. The execution move is required to by the dagger to beat these new adversaries. Every time the adversaries die, the dagger is filled with the essence of time which gives you an ability to rewind it. The game was an amazing one but it had no real closure which leads to the release of two expansions of the game. In the expansions, the plot issues were resolved. Buy this game from SteamPowered

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Best Good Old Games

8 | Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is a direct sequel to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. In the game, the price is grown-up man who is being tortured by his past actions. The soundtrack used in the game is one of the most beautiful of all time which is a combination of Arabic/Oriental Heavy metal. Dahaka who is the invincible guardian of time is relentlessly haunting the price and is trying to stop you from meddling with time. The game has some never seen before an assortment of different combat moves which makes it one of the most amazing games. Buy this game from GOG

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - Best Good Old Games

9 | Neverwinter Nights

The third-person RPG game Neverwinter Nights was released in 2002. The game can be referred to as an animated version of the DnD game. The game has all the combats and features of the tabletop game. The game is designed beautifully with an incredible storyline and an awesome soundtrack. The soundtrack is written by Jeremy Soule who is one of the best video game music composers. The game also has a very beautiful and captivating opening theme. Buy this game from GOG

Neverwinter Nights - Best Good Old Games

10 | Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines was originally released in 2004. The game is an action role-playing game. Initially, the game became a financial failure for the company, the unofficial release of patches fixed many of the game-breaking issues. The game soon became one of the best vampire games. You play as a vampire but in modern society. This led the game to become timeless GOG and a retro classic. The game has an in-depth complex storyline which makes it more beautiful. It also gives you an option for character optimization. You have an option to choose from multiple clans of vampires. Every single character of vampires has its own unique powers and flaws which makes the game more interesting to play as the ending would be different for the different characters. This is a game which you should definitely try once. Buy this game from SteamPowered

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines - Best Good Old Games

The games such as Age of Empires used to be the most popular game and these were the games played by many of us while teaching about history more than what we've learnt in our schools. Warcraft 3 was the one which you might have played. Taking the journey of the games for long 8-10 hours are now good old memories for a lot of people. The gaming journey would generally last once our mother or brother interrupts the gaming adventure only. 

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